Seascape drawing coming to a close on Monday 25 Nov, Barbara Haviland

If you haven’t done so and want to be in the drawing,please sign up on my web site at the top of the page, with your email. The drawing is on Monday the 25 of November. The painting is what you see . Go to website and at the top of the page signContinue reading “Seascape drawing coming to a close on Monday 25 Nov, Barbara Haviland”

New Zealand Waters,Barbara Haviland

New Zealand Waters by Barbara Haviland in Landscapes This painting is done in oils on a canvas. I had some reference photos from New Zealand.I watched a video from the area and then painted. Click to Purchase The history of New Zealand dates back approximately 700 years to when it was discovered and settled by Polynesians, who developed aContinue reading “New Zealand Waters,Barbara Haviland”

McKinney Falls Plein Air,Barbara Haviland

I did this painting and this was my first plein air painting. I had such fun and it was  eye-opening. Available here. It is a lovely place. McKinney Falls State Park is a state park in Austin, Texas, United States at the confluence of Onion Creek and Williamson Creek. It is administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The park opened on AprilContinue reading “McKinney Falls Plein Air,Barbara Haviland”

Silver Teapot and Orange,Barbara Haviland

Silver Teapot and Orange, Still Life,oil painting by Barbara Haviland in Still Life Silver Teapot and Orange was setup in my studio and painted from life. It is done in oils and has a limited palette. I love to do still life paintings and you learn so much.  This one is available  here for you ClickContinue reading “Silver Teapot and Orange,Barbara Haviland”

Our Backyard,landscape in oils by Barbara Haviland

Our Backyard, landscape in oils by Barbara Haviland in Landscapes Our Backyard is done in oils on a cradled birch panel that measures 14″ x 11″ . No need to frame unless you want to. The sun was streaking thru the pine trees and was just beautiful.  The painting is signed by the artist Barbara HavilandContinue reading “Our Backyard,landscape in oils by Barbara Haviland”

Gold Finch by Barbara Haviland

My new Gold Finch by Barbara Haviland in Animals and Wildlife This is my new Gold Finch Bird and he is done in oils on a 16×20 gallery wrap canvas. They are such pretty birds. A Few Facts about the Gold Finch The only finch in its subfamily to undergo a complete molt, the American goldfinch displays sexual dimorphism in itsContinue reading “Gold Finch by Barbara Haviland”