Three Eggs,still life by Barbara Haviland

I would like to Thank all who view my art and tell them that I appreciate them very much. Happy New Year!

Three Eggs and Drape

by Barbara Haviland in MiscellaneousStill Life

Three Eggs by Barbara Haviland

This painting is done in    oils and was setup and I did a class on how to do eggs. Eggs was done on a stretched canvas and measures 8″ x  10″. It looks nice in a kitchen or restaurant.  Eggs are harder to paint than you think. 


Santa Elena Canyon | Barbara Haviland – Blog

Santa Elena Canyon | Barbara Haviland – Blog

This was the mountains in the Santa Elena Canyon. I hope I have done it justice. It was massive and the bugs were horrible..
The painting measures 14″x11″ and is available for purchase.

© Barbara Haviland