Mission at BigBendPark Movie Set by BarbaraHaviland

This is my second time to paint the Mission at Big Bend National Park.  We went to Big Bend in 2012 with OPS and I painted it then. Here recently, I was going thru my photos and I decided to do this one again. It brought back so many happy memories.  I do hope youContinue reading “Mission at BigBendPark Movie Set by BarbaraHaviland”

Mountains and Red Dirt by Barbara Haviland

This painting was done in oils from a photo a friend sent. I loved how this came out. The painting measures 11″x14″ and is signed by me and not framed. It can be purchased on my website here: https://www.barbarahavilandart.com/art/mountains-and-red-dirt/ #Mountains, # oil painting, # Landscape, # Barbara Haviland Art, #canvas

Hydrangeas in Blue Vase, Barbara Haviland

This is a nice floral oil painting of Hydrangeas that I did a while back, It measures 16″x12″ and is signed and ready for a new home. I have purples, blues, greens, yellows, and some mauve in the setup. You will find the painting on my website BarbaraHavilandArt.com https://barbarahavilandart.com