Canyon, oil painting by Barbara Haviland

#landscape,#oilpainting,#9×12,#mountains, CANYON OIL PAINTING Posted on 11/18/2022 7:12:15 AM by Barbara HavilandComment on this Canyon was done from a photo and part of a study I am taking.    I am learning how to use shapes and color and  I am liking how to do this. We each had a photo and we ran with it.   This isContinue reading “Canyon, oil painting by Barbara Haviland”

Joe From Hico, Watercolor,Barbara Haviland

#watercolor,#figure,#Joe, JOE FROM HICO–WATERCOLOR Posted on 11/15/2022 7:29:04 AM by Barbara HavilandComment on this Joe from Hico, Texas was done in oils and watercolors.  This watercolor is one of my favorites. I have done some Inking on the painting. He is available for you.  He will need to be put under glass or plexiglass.  Joe also made hisContinue reading “Joe From Hico, Watercolor,Barbara Haviland”

Apples Three by Barbara Haviland

#apples,#still life, #oil painting, #framed, Apples Three is done in oils and on a canvas panel.  I set the apples up  and painted from life.  The painting is 11″x14″ and is framed and signed.   We then ate the subject! Available 

My Sketchers, shoes by Barbara Haviland

#Shoes,#sandals,#stilllife,#canvas,original, I know strange composition but  I love these sketcher shoes. They are so comfortable and I could not resist painting them.  I have a dark background as the shoes are red and cream color.   They measure  8″x13″   and are available here

Terrell Park, Beaumont,Tx by Barbara Haviland

Terrell Park, Beaumont Texas 10/14/2022 5:56:23 AM This painting was done from a photo my niece took and let me paint.   It is a real place in Beaumont, Texas called Terrell Park. The painting measures 9″x12″ and is framed. Available

Hay Bales,landscape by Barbara Haviland

#haybales,#farmscene,#landscape, I have tried to capture the hard work around here. People are baling their hay and getting ready for winter. The painting is done in oil and measures  9″x12″ and is signed by me.  Available here for you 

Yucca Cacti Plant by Barbara Haviland

#yucca #Cacti,# landscape, #oilpainting,#canvasPanel, I love the beauty of the desert, such colors. This big Yucca Plant was towering above and just shouted to be painted. I did this piece on a 16″x12″ canvas panel and it is signed. My husband makes my panels out of  Masonite and we use adhesive to wrap theContinue reading “Yucca Cacti Plant by Barbara Haviland”

Green Mean Fish by Barbara Haviland

#fish,#paletteknife,#oilpainting,#canvas,#original, Green Mean Fish is my second time painting this fish. I used a palette knife and lots of juicy paint to do this one.  He is shown framed but the frame does not come with him.   He is waiting to hang in your home.    Available 

My Porch by Barbara Haviland

This is our back porch and I could not wait to paint it. Roses are all around and I love flowers. This piece measures 10″x10″ and is done in oils. I have signed the piece and it is ready for a new home. Website

Dana At The Beach, Plein Air by Barbara Haviland

Dana at the Beach Plein Air 9/26/2022 7:02:36 AM Dana was painted en Plein Air.  We were  doing a workshop and Dana was so kind to be our model.  My first workshop with a person. I had such fun doing this painting. Available