Inseparable Twins by Barbara Haviland

Inseparable Twins

by Barbara Haviland in Figures

My niece has twins and I painted this painting for her.  The girls thought it was them, so I guess I did good. They just had a birthday this month and turned 10.  They are such  sweet girls. This painting is not available but you could have a painting commissioned.  Email me for details and  please remember to sign up for the free  give-away daisies and barn landscape on Feb 18.

Tiny oil painting Landscape,Framed,Barbara Haviland

Landscape miniature

Posted on 7/21/2019 7:07:33 AM
By Barbara Haviland
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© Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist

© Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist

Landscape is done in oils on a 2″x 3″ stretched canvas

This is a very tiny unique painting and is signed and framed

Shipping is included.

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Port Bolivar Lighthouse #3, oils on canvas, Barbara Haviland, Texas Contemporary Artist

Port Bolivar 
oils on canvas
Signed and framed
©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2019
 by Artist Barbara Haviland

Late Night Snack,Still life,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland

Cantaloupe,Apple,Grapes,Wine Bottle, “Late Night Snack”

Posted on 5/24/2019 5:02:25 AM
By Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist
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© Barbara Haviland

© Barbara Haviland

Still Life Cantaloupe,Apple,Grapes,Wine Bottle is done in   oils and is framed.  I love to do still life paintings.

Title  Late Night Snack 

Still Life Cantaloupe,Apple,Grapes,Wine Bottle

Size 14″x 11″

Medium oils on canvas

purchase   175.00 + 20.00 shipping

Signed and framed in black

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Daisies,Barbara Haviland,Flowers

Daisies by Barbara Haviland–BarbsGarden

Daisies by Barbara Haviland--BarbsGarden by Barbara Haviland Oil ~ 8 x 10

Oil on Canvas
8 x 10 
$250.00 USD

Daisies are done with oils and on a gallery wrap canvas. I used lots of bright colors and some textures.   Perfect for that special place in your home.

Title  Daisies

Size  8″x 10″

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Alpacas from Next-Door,oils canvas panel, wildlife,Barbara Haviland


Alpacas from Next-Door,oils canvas panel

Posted on 3/1/2019 6:24:36 AM
By Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist
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Topics: Wildlife
© Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist
© Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist
Alpacas from next-door are so pretty. I have seen them sheared and that was a sight.  This one is done in oils and measures 14″x 10″ and he is signed.  
©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2019
  Alpacas from Next-Door  
Medium oils on canvas panel
Size  10″ x  14″
 by Artist Barbara Haviland

Butterfly and Coneflowers,floral,oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland,Texas Floral Artist


©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2019

Butterfly and Coneflowers  
Medium oils on canvas
Size  11″x 14″