The Brown Egg, Barbara Haviland

The Brown Egg is a staple in my studio. I teach children and when they don’t bring a reference photo or something to paint, they have to paint the egg.  Over the years many children  continue to  “paint” the egg. This one is 5″x5″ and is not framed. Available

Glass and Drape, Still Life,Barbara Haviland

Green Glass and Drape was done after a hurricane. I set this up and painted from life. My brother in law found this smokey glass and brought it to me to paint.  He was always finding   stuff.  Anyway, this piece measures 12″ x 9″.                      Available

Glass,Onions,and Garlic,Still Life, Barbara Haviland

Glass,Onions, and Garlic is a still life that was painted from life. I like to do still life’ paintings from life.You see all the shadows and colors reflecting off the subjects. This one is 10″ x  10″ and is available My web site

Marsh in Bridge City,Texas by Barbara Haviland

Marsh in Bridge City,Texas by Barbara Haviland in Miscellaneous Description of Marsh in Bridge City Marsh in Bridge City is much drabber than I have painted. I used my artistic license and painted it prettier. The painting is on a gallery wrap canvas. Available