Red Truck Challenge by Barbara Haviland

Red Truck Challenge by Barbara Haviland in Miscellaneous, Transportation and Vehicles This  Red Truck was part of a challenge I did for Daily-Paint-works, It is available here for you signed and Framed Available 

shipwrecked Ike II,Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

SHIPWRECKED IKE II REVISITED,SHRIMP BOAT,OIL PAINTING,BARBARA HAVILAND 8/25/2019 7:42:07 AM Oil on Canvas 16 x 24 x 1 Available This is my second painting of a shrimp boat I call  “Shipwrecked Ike”. It was left on a lot and this is another view of the same boat.   The painting is done in oils and isContinue reading “shipwrecked Ike II,Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist”

Shipwrecked Ike,#Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist

SHIPWRECKED IKE, SHRIMPBOAT,OIL PAINTING,LARGE CANVAS,BARBARA HAVILAND Posted on 8/22/2019 5:49:52 AM by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist – 2 COMMENTSTopics: Nautical © Barbara Haviland Oil on Canvas24 x 22  Available I did this oil painting after driving by the restaurant where it was shipwrecked after the Hurricane Ike. It is still abandoned there.  I call it Shipwrecked Ike.  Available here.  TheContinue reading “Shipwrecked Ike,#Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist”

Route 66 Trucks,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist

ROUTE 66 TRUCKS 8/2/2018 6:01:44 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist © Barbara Haviland,Texas Contemporary Artist I found these trucks on Rt 66 on our way to Colorado.  I thought they would make a great painting and they did.  The painting measures 16″x 20″ and is framed as you see it.  They won a blue ribbonContinue reading “Route 66 Trucks,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist”

Red Sedan,transportation,auto,Barbara Haviland

RED SEDAN 8/1/2018 6:03:52 AM by Barbara Haviland- Texas Contemporary Artist Comment on this Red Sedan is another in an old   car, trucks and jeeps   series.  they are not all going to be wrecks but maybe some new ones.  I am finding them fun to do.  Title  Red Sedan Medium oils on Birchwood panelContinue reading “Red Sedan,transportation,auto,Barbara Haviland”

International Truck,oil painting,Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

This is my newest old truck. I call this one International. I found this one in the city of Brownwood,Texas, It is signed and framed. Click to Purchase Web Site

Rusty Sedan,oils,raymar panel,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist OLD RUSTY SEDAN Posted on 5/30/2018 6:16:00 AM by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist Comment on this The old  rusty sedan is another of my old car series. I like to paint them.  I am already working on number two.  This one was fun and I love how it came out. It is on a raymar cradledContinue reading “Rusty Sedan,oils,raymar panel,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist”

Red Truck in Snow II,oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland

Red Truck in Snow II, oils canvas, Barbara Haviland ©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2018   Red Truck with House   Medium oils on canvas Size  9″x12″  by Artist Barbara Haviland RED TRUCK IN SNOW WITH HOUSE II Posted on 5/28/2018 6:36:57 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist Red Truck in Snow with a house is part of an onlineContinue reading “Red Truck in Snow II,oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland”

Found Truck in Montana,oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland

Found Truck in Montana, oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland    I found this old rusty red truck while in Montana.  What a beautiful state.  Anyway, I wanted to paint it and here it is. It is done in oils and is offered to you. Title  Old Rusty Truck from  Montana Medium oils on canvas Size  9″x12″ Signed by ArtistContinue reading “Found Truck in Montana,oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland”

Abstract of a Palm Tree,Texas Contemporary Artist

ABSTRACT OF A PALM TREE 3/17/2018 6:40:10 AM by Barbara Haviland-Contemporary Texas Artist Comment on this © Barbara Haviland-Contemporary Texas Artist Title   Abstract of a Palm Tree medium oils on canvas Size  20″ x 16″ Signed by Artist Barbara Haviland I started this painting to have a background on the white canvas. The more paintContinue reading “Abstract of a Palm Tree,Texas Contemporary Artist”