Caddo Lake 2 Paintings Diptych,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist

Cad-do Lake I and II 2 paintings by Barbara Haviland in Bayous and Swamp Paintings       24″x 9″ oils on canvas, unframed $325.00 save to cart  — or — Buy Prints here   Description of Cad-do Lake I and II 2 paintings I have done 2 Cad-do Lake paintings and this is #1 I am offering bothContinue reading “Caddo Lake 2 Paintings Diptych,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist”

Pink Tulips, Barbara Haviland

Description of Pink Tulips Pink Tulips for a Valentine Day. Everyone loves this day.These are painted and will never day or wilt. These measure  12″x 12″ and  do not have a frame. They are signed by me.Barbara Haviland Available Tulipa (tulips) is a genus of spring-blooming perennial herbaceous bulbiferous geophytes, dying back after flowering to an underground storage bulb. DependingContinue reading “Pink Tulips, Barbara Haviland”

Strawberries in Glass Jar by Barbara Haviland

Strawberries in Glass Jar by Barbara Haviland in Miscellaneous, Still Life       I loved painting this. I set it and painted from life. Measures 8″x 10″ and is signed by me.  You will need to frame. Available here

Seaside Coastline,Barbara Haviland

Seascape Coastline by Barbara Haviland in Landscapes, Miscellaneous       Seascape Coastline is another seascape that I am studying. I am  working on waves and coastlines of a beach. This was was a photo from California and measures 11″ x 14″.  Very limited palette and of course more waves and added rocks.  The painting is done on cradledContinue reading “Seaside Coastline,Barbara Haviland”

Boulder at Seaside,Barbara Haviland

Boulder at Seaside by Barbara Haviland in Landscapes– Plein Air       12″x 12″ oils on canvas panel, unframed Barbara Haviland Description of Boulder at Seaside Boulder at Seaside is done from a challenge and photo. I am studying seascapes. This was one of them. I am trying to capture the essence of a wave. They are hardContinue reading “Boulder at Seaside,Barbara Haviland”

Wave Study, Miniature oil, Barbara Haviland

Wave Study, miniature oil by Barbara Haviland in Landscapes, Miscellaneous       Description of Wave Study This wave study is done with Blue,Burnt Sienna,and White  on a 6″x 8″ stretched canvas. I am trying to perfect my seascapes. Let me know how you think I am doing. Available here for you

Barn and Landscape Give-Away, Barbara Haviland

This is my first give-away for 2020 and it measures 12″x 12″. No frame and one rule for this one. YOU must tell me Why you would like to have this painting hanging in your home. I will be giving this painting away on my birthday  February 18 and don’t ask my my age.

Still Life of Crock and Apple by Barbara Haviland

Crock and Apple by Barbara Haviland in Miscellaneous, Still Life This painting  was set up in my studio and painted from life. It is done in oils and signed. The background is not black but a very dark blue. Available