Couple Challenge,Barbara Haviland

Couple Challenge,Figures by Barbara Haviland in Figures, Miscellaneous Couple Challenge,Figures was done in oils and upside down. I   put my reference photo upside down and painted until I thought I was finished. Turned right side up and love it. Measures 8×10 and is is signed and framed. available here 

Couple at Sunset oil painting miniature Barbara Haviland

Couple at Sunset oil painting miniature Barbara Haviland By Barbara Haviland on 7/11/2014 7:11:38 AMComment on this © Barbara Haviland I wanted to create a couple strolling or walking looking at the sun setting.  This one is done in oils and on a galley wrap canvas.  It has reds,yellows, oranges, purples and a little white.Continue reading “Couple at Sunset oil painting miniature Barbara Haviland”