Pastels,Sleeping Red Fox II,Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

Pastels Sleeping Red Fox II, paper,Barbara Haviland-Texas Wild life Artist    Pastels Sleeping Red Fox II,paper,pastel © Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist Did You Also Know? The red fox will continue to hunt even when its tummy is full. … Red foxes have large, upright ears and their hearing is so sharp that they can hear a watch tickingContinue reading “Pastels,Sleeping Red Fox II,Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist”

Swallow Tail Sea Gull,bird,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland

   SWALLOW TAIL SEA GULL 8/12/2018 9:52:47 PM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist Comment on this © Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist Sea Gull is done in oils and on a canvas panel. The size is 5″x 7″.   The painting is signed and framed. Click to Purchase   ©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2018   by Artist Barbara Haviland

Blue Bird on Fence Texas Contemporary Artist

Blue Bird on Fence by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist on 1/12/2016 Comment on this © Barbara Haviland The Blue Bird Medium oils on canvas louan  canvas  panel Size 7″x 5″ Signed and framed 65.00 + Free shipping