Citrus Life,still life,oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland

citrus still life

1/20/2019 7:22:01 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Still Life Artist 
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© Barbara Haviland-Still Life Artist

© Barbara Haviland-Still Life Artist

Citrus Still Life

I used a lemon,lime, and orange for this one.

oils on 8×8 canvas panel

Day 20 #stradaeasel

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Gray Barn Up Close,oil painting,Barbara Haviland


By Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist on 11/28/2018 7:32:26 AM – Comment on this

© Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist

© Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist

Gray Barn Up Close is done as part of my daily painting, I used a photo and embellished it somewhat.

The painting is framed and signed

perfect for that special place in your home or office

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Goldfish on Gold,oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist


© Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist
© Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

I decided to do a goldfish and this one is just looking at you with big black eyes.  He is framed and a miniature oil painting. He won’t die from lack of food !..

Title Goldfish on Gold

Medium oils on canvas panel

Size  8″x8″

Framed and Signed

Pastels,Sleeping Red Fox II,Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

Pastels Sleeping Red Fox II, paper,Barbara Haviland-Texas Wild life Artist

   Pastels Sleeping Red Fox II,paper,pastel
© Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist
© Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist
Did You Also Know?
  • The red fox will continue to hunt even when its tummy is full. …
  • Red foxes have large, upright ears and their hearing is so sharp that they can hear a watch ticking 40 yards away.
  • A red fox’s tail is about one third of its length. …
  • The male red fox is called a dog, while the female is called a vixen.
I am learning Pastels and this is my very first Pastel. I did my Sleeping Red Fox II and he measures 8″x 8″  and his is framed
By the way, I have seen my first in the live Red Fox in my new home.. I was mesmerized..
Tell me what wild animals you have seen  unexpectedly… Barbara

Salt & Watermelon,canvas,Summer Treat,oils,Barbara Haviland


© Barbara Haviland--Texas Impressionist Artist
© Barbara Haviland–Texas Impressionist Artist

Last of Summer   Watermelon and a salt shaker. Measures 8″ x 8″  and is framed.

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White Amaryllis,floral,oil canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist

©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2018 
 by Artist Barbara Haviland

Daffodil in Yellow Flower,Floral,8×8, oil painting,

Daffodil in Yellow flower,miniature,oil painting

© Barbara Haviland
© Barbara Haviland

Title  Daffodil in Yellow

Medium  oils on canvas

Size  8″ x 8″

Signed by artist

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