Carton of Eggs,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland

Carton of Eggs,oils on canvas panel Posted on 5/21/2019 6:11:47 AMBy Barbara HavilandComment on this Carton of Eggs is done in oils and on a canvas panel. The painting measures 6″x6″ and is signed. The painting was done from a set-up. Click to Purchase

Blocks and Porcelain,still life,Barbara Haviland

blocks and porcelain still life looking up barbara haviland 1/21/2019 7:39:15 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Still Life Artist Comment on this © Barbara Haviland–Texas Still Life Artist title Blocks and a Tin  Still life looking up  medium oils on stretched canvas Size  9″ x 12″ Signed by Artist and purchase is $150.00 + 15.00 Shipping I am doingContinue reading “Blocks and Porcelain,still life,Barbara Haviland”

Salt & Watermelon,canvas,Summer Treat,oils,Barbara Haviland

SALT AND WATERMELON,SUMMER IS OVER 8/28/2018 6:24:55 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Still Life Artist © Barbara Haviland–Texas Impressionist Artist Last of Summer   Watermelon and a salt shaker. Measures 8″ x 8″  and is framed. Click to Purchase