Rose Red,oils,canvas,Flowers,Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

rose red oil painting 20×16

2/9/2019 8:52:41 AM by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist 
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© Barbara Haviland-Barbsgarden Texas Artist

© Barbara Haviland-Barbsgarden Texas Artist

Rose Red is my fourth in a brightly colored floral series.  Three of them are 20″ x 16″ and one is 18″x 14″.  They all have yellows,oranges, and reds in the flowers. The backgrounds all match somewhat. I hope you like them. I changed this up a bit and am re-posting.

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Bessie The Brahma,cow,wildlife,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland

    © Barbara Haviland-Texas wildlife artist© Barbara Haviland-Texas wildlife artist

Bessie the Brahma,oils on canvas

This painting was done Plein Air  meaning I  did the painting on location. This is a special painting of a gentle cow.
Title Bessie the Brahma
Medium oils on canvas
Size 20″x16″
©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2018 
 by Artist Barbara Haviland

Mountains and Red Barn,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland, Landscape Artist



 It is done in oils and the mountains has lots of knife work and textures. I did the barn in reds and oranges,  The painting is on a 20″x 16″ gallery wrap canvas.  NO need to frame unless you want to. The painting is signed by the artist Barbara Haviland
©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2018
 by Artist Barbara Haviland

Abstract of a Palm Tree,Barbara Haviland,Texas Contemporary Artist



© Barbara Haviland-Contemporary Texas Artist
© Barbara Haviland-Contemporary Texas Artist
Title   Abstract of a Palm Tree 
medium oils on canvas
Size  20″ x 16″
Signed by Artist Barbara Haviland
I started this painting to have a background on the white canvas. The more paint I put on the more the palm tree evolved. I used a palette knife with textures and only use Yellow Ochre,Cad Yellow Light, tiny bits of purple and White for this painting. The paint is very thick and would make a wonderful gift or to be added to your collection
©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2018

 Abstract of a Palm Tree  
 by Artist Barbara Haviland