Still Life, Pitcher,Crock,Apple and Drape,Barbara Haviland,Texas Artist

Still Life, Crock,Pitcher and Apple,Barbara Haviland STILL LIFE CROCK PITCHER AND APPLE, OILS ON CANVAS PANEL © Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionist Artist Still Life  Crock Pitcher and Apple medium  oils Surface  Canvas Panel Size  12″x 9″ Click to Purchase ©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2018   by Artist Barbara Haviland

Wedge of Lemon,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland,Texas Daily Painter

WEDGE OF LEMON,OILS CANVAS 9/5/2018 6:28:12 AM by Barbara Haviland–Texas Daily Painter Comment on this © Barbara Haviland–Texas Still life Artist Wedge of Lemon is done in oils on a canvas panel. I painted several lemon paintings and this one measures 5″x 5″. The painting is signed and framed for you. Click to Purchase

Hit me with your Best Shot, bird show Gallery By the Lake, Lake Charles

We need birders to get the camera out and find some good shots.       Gallery by the Lake   “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” juried photography competition of birds of SW Louisiana and Texas is now open at CaFE’ More information will be listed on our new website in a few days. Be sureContinue reading “Hit me with your Best Shot, bird show Gallery By the Lake, Lake Charles”

Route 66 Trucks,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist

ROUTE 66 TRUCKS 8/2/2018 6:01:44 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist © Barbara Haviland,Texas Contemporary Artist I found these trucks on Rt 66 on our way to Colorado.  I thought they would make a great painting and they did.  The painting measures 16″x 20″ and is framed as you see it.  They won a blue ribbonContinue reading “Route 66 Trucks,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist”

What? A Green Frog,oils,canvas,Barbara Haviland

WHAT? A GREEN FROG 7/26/2018 8:04:53 PM by Barbara Haviland Comment on this What? A Green Frog done in oils signed and framed for you.  This was a fun painting to do.   He measures 8″x 8″  and has a black wooden frame Click to Purchase

Pasture of Cows,oils canvas,wildlife,Barbara Haviland

PASTURE OF COWS 7/19/2018 8:21:55 PM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist Comment on this © Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist A Pasture of Cows is one of many that I have planned this new year. I find I do like to paint animals.  The piece is done in oils and is signed and framed. Click to PurchaseContinue reading “Pasture of Cows,oils canvas,wildlife,Barbara Haviland”

Waves & Rocks,miniature oil painting,Barbara Haviland

WAVES & ROCKS 7/13/2018 7:09:07 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist Comment on this &Copy; Barbara Haviland-Artist of Texas Waves and Rocks is part of my color study using grays. The painting is done on a canvas panel and is signed.   Click to Purchase

Mountains with Waterfall,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist

MOUNTAINS WITH WATERFALL 7/7/2018 5:12:00 PM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist Comment on this © Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist Mountains with waterfall is done using a limited palette. I am loving this. Very few colors but lots of values and variations.  Painting is signed and framed for keeping or giving as a gift. Click to PurchaseContinue reading “Mountains with Waterfall,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist”

International Truck,oil painting,Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

This is my newest old truck. I call this one International. I found this one in the city of Brownwood,Texas, It is signed and framed. Click to Purchase Web Site

Beach Cove,miniature,oils,Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist

Beach Cove,oils,miniature,Barbara Haviland-Contemporary Texas Artist © Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist medium oils canvas panel size 6″x 8″ I have found time to do a Beach Cove. This photo was borrowed from a site I belong to. This is my version. Title  Beach Cove Medium oils on canvas Size 6″x 8″ Click to Purchase