Talking It Over,Roosters,oils canvas,Barbara Haviland

TALKING IT OVER,ROOSTERS,OIL PAINTING,GALLERY WRAP CANVAS By Barbara Haviland Texas Landscape Artist on 10/9/2018 – Comment on this © Barbara Haviland My best friend sent me a photo of her roosters and I painted them. They are on a 24″x 20″ canvas I have signed them as well. Click to Purchase Painting

Mother Love Elephants,wildlife,oil painting,canvas,Barbara Haviland

Mother Love Elephants,wildlife,oil painting,canvas Posted on 9/21/2018 7:41:10 AM By Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist Comment on this Topics: Wildlife © Barbara Haviland Barbsgarden Texas Artist Mother Love Elephants   Size 8″x16″ Framed and signed This is how Mothers love their young… Click Here for pricing To see more of my art Click here Both African and Asian elephants have aContinue reading “Mother Love Elephants,wildlife,oil painting,canvas,Barbara Haviland”

Leftover Hay, oils canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist

Leftover Hay, landscape,oils,Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist LEFTOVER HAY By Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist on 4/27/2018 7:46:08 AM © Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist Leftover Hay is done on a linen canvas panel and is 9″x 12″. The painting is done from 2 of my photos.  NO frame on this one. Click to Purchase ©Barbara Haviland  Barb’sContinue reading “Leftover Hay, oils canvas,Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist”

Creek on the Deer Lease,Barbara Haviland-Landscape Artist

CREEK ON THE DEER LEASE 4/18/2018 6:04:59 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist Comment on this © BarbaraHaviland-Texas Landscape Artist Creek Bed is done in oil and is on my Son-in-laws deer lease. Beautiful place. size is 9″x 12″ signed and available for purchase Click to Purchase

Magnolia Again,Flowers,Barbara Haviland

MAGNOLIA AGAIN FLOWERS 4/1/2018 8:10:56 AM by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist Comment on this © Barbara Haviland I love Magnolias and everything about them. I paint them lots.   This one came off my magnolia tree. The painting measures 16×20 and is signed and framed for you Click here for pricing   To see more of my artContinue reading “Magnolia Again,Flowers,Barbara Haviland”

Bird of Paradise,miniature art,Barbara Haviland,Texas Floral Artist

“BIRD OF PARADISE” MINIATURE ART 3/28/2018 7:11:09 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Floral Artist Comment on this Bird of Paradise is done on a small canvas.  I love these flowers. It measures 5″x 5″ and makes a wonderful gift. Click to Purchase Classes start in my new Studio April 3, Tuesday 2018 at 9am

Who would not want to be on a “Beach Cove” Barbara Haviland

WHO WOULD NOT WANT TO BE ON A “BEACH COVE”,SEASCAPE IN OILS 2/13/2018 7:34:26 AM by Barbara Haviland-Signature Member Artists of Texas Comment on this © Barbara Haviland-Barbsgarden Who wouldn’t want to be on a  Beach Cove in this cold weather? It has been so cold I have put my orchids inside. I am ready forContinue reading “Who would not want to be on a “Beach Cove” Barbara Haviland”

Cottonwood Tree Study, BarbaraHaviland,Texas Landscape Artist

COTTONWOOD TREE STUDY, OILS ON CANVAS PANEL 2/7/2018 9:09:53 AM by Barbara Haviland-Texas Landscape Artist Comment on this Cottonwood Tree Study Size  8″x 6″ oils on canvas panel Signed and Framed We have  moved and I am offering all my paintings at a discount so that I can make more room in  my new studio. IContinue reading “Cottonwood Tree Study, BarbaraHaviland,Texas Landscape Artist”

Blue Morning Glories,oils flowers,Barbara Haviland

Blue Morning Glories Round canvsas oils 12/8/2017 7:29:38 AM Blue Morning Glories done in oils and on a 12×12 round canvas panel. I recently got some oval gold frames and painted paintings to fill them. Blue Morning Glories is one of those paintings. Hope you like this one.   Pricing  here Web Site here

Oval Sea Gull in Flight,Barbara Haviland,Texas Contemporary Artist

Oval Sea Gull in Flight Posted on 12/2/2017 3:38:26 AM by Barbara Haviland-BarbsGarden – Comment on this Topics: Daily posting of Art | Wildlife-Birds © Barbara Haviland-BarbsGarden Oval Sea Gull is done in oils and is signed and Framed. The painting measures 8″x 10″ It is framed in an oval gold frame