Seaside Coastline,Barbara Haviland

Seascape Coastline

by Barbara Haviland in LandscapesMiscellaneous

Seascape Coastline is another seascape that I am studying. I am  working on waves and coastlines of a beach. This was was a photo from California and measures 11″ x 14″.  Very limited palette and of course more waves and added rocks.  The painting is done on cradled wooden panel.

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Maxwell House still life by Barbara Haviland


Maxwell House Still Life by Barbara Haviland

Maxwell House still life is a study in looking down and using a limited palette.  This was a hard one to do. I set the still life up on the floor and looked down to sketch and paint.  I used  White,Sap Green,Prussian Blue and Lemon Yellow for the whole thing. Hard  to do. The painting measures  9″x12″ and is framed for you.  Learned so much on this one. Stay tuned for more of my journey with my brushes and paint.