New Zealand Waters,Barbara Haviland

New Zealand Waters by Barbara Haviland in Landscapes This painting is done in oils on a canvas. I had some reference photos from New Zealand.I watched a video from the area and then painted. Click to Purchase The history of New Zealand dates back approximately 700 years to when it was discovered and settled by Polynesians, who developed aContinue reading “New Zealand Waters,Barbara Haviland”

Beach Rocks Miniature oil painting Barbara Haviland

« Rock and San Francisco Bridge II Barbara Haviland | Main Beach Rocks miniature By Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist on 7/27/2015 7:03:24 PM Comment on this © Barbara Haviland This 8×8 Seascape with rocks and a seashore is done on a galley wrap canvas. It is signed by me and would make a wonderful gift. reading “Beach Rocks Miniature oil painting Barbara Haviland”