King of the Yard,Fowl,Rooster and Chickens,Barbara Haviland

King of the Yard, fowl, Rooster and Chickens Posted on 7/27/2019 5:58:31 AMBy Barbara HavilandComment on thisTopics: Wildlife King of the Yard oils on gallery wrap canvas 16″x 20″ signed and has a hanger on back NO frame. Painting is done from photos I took Click to Purchase

White Roses | Barbara Haviland – Blog

White Roses | Barbara Haviland – Blog © Barbara Haviland  This is an attempt to paint white roses.  I am pleased with the roses and the background. For me roses are hard to paint. I will keep trying to capture them.  This is why I paint, to get better and better. The challenge is goodContinue reading “White Roses | Barbara Haviland – Blog”