Lilies and Pitcher in Watercolors by Barbara Haviland

#lilies,#flowers,#pitcher,#watercolors,,#300lbPaper YELLOW LILIES AND PITCHER, WATERCOLORS Posted on 11/6/2022 5:59:31 AM by Barbara HavilandComment on this This is a piece that I am very happy with. I have also done this in oils.   I did some Ink work on this one as well. I love the dark rich colors I can get with watercolors.  I do hope youContinue reading “Lilies and Pitcher in Watercolors by Barbara Haviland”

Sailing in Watercolor by Barbara Haviland

Barbara Haviland Shared with Public #boat,#sailing,#palmTree,#watercolor,#birds,#Handpainted, SAILING WATERCOLOR CARD Posted on 10/29/2022 8:54:17 AM by Barbara Haviland Comment on this Sailing is another watercolor that measures 9″x 6″ It is signed and has a small border. Would be great framed. Website

Watercolor,Red Hibiscus by Barbara Haviland

#hibiscus,#watercolor,#card,#BarbaraHaviland,,#Original RED HIBISCUS, WATERCOLOR CARD Posted on 10/27/2022 7:07:14 AM by Barbara Haviland Texas Artist Comment on this Red Hibiscus is a card size painting done in watercolors. The paper is 300lb and the painting is signed. I am really enjoying these watercolor cards and paintings. I am trying to keep them loose and impressionistic.Continue reading “Watercolor,Red Hibiscus by Barbara Haviland”

Magnolias in Watercolour by Barbara Haviland

#Magnolia,#watercolour,#300lbPaper,#floral,#flowers, MAGNOLIA IN WATERCOLOUR Posted on 10/23/2022 6:31:57 AM by Barbara HavilandComment on this Magnolia in Watercolour is done on 300lb Watercolor paper. I have signed the piece and it will need to be matted and framed.  The painting measures 14″ x 10″ Available

Tuscany Pots Still Life by Barbara Haviland

#clayPots,#tuscanypots,#oil painting,#EarthColors, Tuscany Pots was setup and done in oils on a stretched canvas that measures 10″x8″.   I used earth colors like Burnt Siena, Burnt Umber, Yellow Orche, and white.   I have signed the painting and it does not come framed.   The one pot is out of round. Available here

Apples Three by Barbara Haviland

#apples,#still life, #oil painting, #framed, Apples Three is done in oils and on a canvas panel.  I set the apples up  and painted from life.  The painting is 11″x14″ and is framed and signed.   We then ate the subject! Available 

My Sketchers, shoes by Barbara Haviland

#Shoes,#sandals,#stilllife,#canvas,original, I know strange composition but  I love these sketcher shoes. They are so comfortable and I could not resist painting them.  I have a dark background as the shoes are red and cream color.   They measure  8″x13″   and are available here

Terrell Park, Beaumont,Tx by Barbara Haviland

Terrell Park, Beaumont Texas 10/14/2022 5:56:23 AM This painting was done from a photo my niece took and let me paint.   It is a real place in Beaumont, Texas called Terrell Park. The painting measures 9″x12″ and is framed. Available