Yellow Daisies & Eucalyptus, sTill Life, Barbara Haviland

Yellow Daisies and Eucalyptus is done from a photo.  I did a workshop and this is my results. I do like the technique and hope you do too. The piece is  12″ x  9″ and is ready for your home. Available

Barbara Haviland,Yellow Daisies and Eucalyptus

Yellow Daisies and Eucalyptus Posted on 6/3/2019 10:20:36 AMBy Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionistic ArtistComment on thisTopics: Florals © Barbara Haviland-Texas Impressionistic Artist Yellow Daisies and Eucalyptus is done in oils on a stretched canvas. I love doing still life paintings. This one has been re-done and upgraded. The painting is signed and framed for your pleasure Click to Purchase