Gator Hunting,oil painting,Child’s room,Barbara Haviland

CARTOON GATOR HUNTING.OILS ON CANVAS 8/25/2019 4:35:44 AM Fun  cartoon like painting for a child’s room Gator Hunting Size 7″x 5″ medium oils on canvas Signed and Framed for you Click to Purchase

Gator Hunting, Cartoon, Child Art, oils on canvas,Barbara Haviland

     ©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2014  Gators Cartoon  Hunting Medium oils on canvas Size  7″x 5″  by Artist Barbara HavilandClick to Purchase

Vrana Deer Blind by Barbara Haviland

Vrana Deer Blind by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist on2/14/2015 8:11:13 PM Comment on this © Barbara Haviland Vrana Deer Blind   was painted for my cousin. She has property in Hallsville and her husband and boys used this deer blind for you know what. Both sons killed their first deer in the blind.  CommissionsContinue reading “Vrana Deer Blind by Barbara Haviland”