Barn and Landscape Give-Away, Barbara Haviland

Barn & Landscape by
Barbara Haviland

This is my first give-away for 2020 and it measures 12″x 12″. No frame and one rule for this one.

YOU must tell me Why you would like to have this painting hanging in your home.

I will be giving this painting away on my birthday  February 18 and don’t ask my my age.

2 thoughts on “Barn and Landscape Give-Away, Barbara Haviland

  1. I grew up in foster care..from age 5 until of the things I remember was my grandparents old place in Louisiana.. sitting on porch looking at old barn with wild Daisy everywhere..I met my grandparents in 1982…they took me to old place… looking just like this picture…as Pastor would say it.. “TRUE STORY.. Sister Janis

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