Luna’s Jacal in Big Bend National Park Texas Barbara Haviland

Luna’s Jacal in Big Bend National Park by Barbara Haviland

© Barbara Haviland--LunasJacul
© Barbara Haviland–LunasJacul

The Luna Jacal or Luna’s Jacal was the residence of Gilberto Luna, a Mexican pioneer farmer in the area of Texas that would become Big Bend National Park. The jacal, an indigenous Tejano dwelling suited to the desert environment, was built about 1890[2] with a low sandstone and limestone wall about 4 feet (1.2 m), with forked poles set upright into the walls, supporting roof poles. The house backs up to a large boulder. A heavier line of poles extends the length of the jacal. The roof was made of ocotillo branches weighted down with earth and stones, presently replaced with an inappropriate soil-cement roof. Luna raised a large family at the jacal, peacefully coexisting with otherwise hostile Comanche who used the Alamo Creek area as a war trail. Luna died there in 1947 at age 108 or 109.[3]

Luna’s jacal was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in November 8, 1974.[1] It was restored in 1971 and again stabilized in 1983.[2]  

INFO  gotten from Wipipedia..

Title  Luna’s Jacal in Big Bend National Park

medium oils on canvas

Size  24H”x36W”

signed and purchase is  900.00 + shipping

PS  It was very cool in the house.

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